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Over the past 25 years Beulah has received many acclaimations.

"The Beulah record label has always been one of the most idiosyncratic, and therefore perhaps most interesting, of reissue marques. While the basic character of Beulah remains the same as in its Compact Disc days, the range of its present catalogue, driven now by the ease of downloading, has been extended in remarkable fashion. Browsing the Beulah catalgue is now rather like being in a 78rpm record shop: there are plenty of recordings of short pieces available to whet your appetite for either repertoire or artist, while at the same time there are numerous full length works available if you wish to consolidate your collection with, for instance, major symphonies. All of Beulah's transfers, as might be expected of a distinguished reissue label, are of very high quality." David Patmore writing in Classical Recordings Quarterly

New for March

Many music lovers miss the sound from vinyl pressings. Many others have yet to discover how pleasant the sound can be. Most of our albums are mastered from vinyl LP pressings and earlier recordings (before 1953) from 78 rpm discs. It is our ability to recreate, in the digital age, the sound from the disc era that many of our customers find most enjoyable.

Unlike modern digital recordings tracks in our albums do contain some distortion, and the occasional surface noises, but for many listeners these "defects" are soon forgotten.

Our albums are available from many  and streaming sites.

We highly recommend downloading from  Qobuz where you can download or stream in high quality, for the same price as iTunes medium quality.

New albums

2pd78 The Thieving Magpie Overture


3pd78 The William Tell Overture


1PS26 Paul Whiteman Rhapsody in Blue


2PS22 Electric Django

Coming Soon

What the Critics Say

1ps8 aafje heynis sings brahms, handel and bach


" Alto Rhapsody, Op.53, is the main work on BEULAH 1PS8, sung by Aafje Heynis (contralto) with the Concertgebouw Orchestra conducted by Eduard van Beinum on what must have been one of his last recordings. Sadly, the sound is little if any better now than I found it then: non-one can get more out of a recording than was originally there and this is very sub-fusc for Philips’ engineering of the time. Heynis’s many admirers, of which I am one, however, will probably persevere for the sake of the performance.

"The other items are works by George Frideric HANDEL – Arias from Judas Maccabæus, Samson and Messiah, and Johann Sebastian BACH – Arias from the Christmas Oratorio and the two Passions, with the Vienna Symphony Orchestra conducted by Hans Gillesberger in 1961. Not first-rate accompanists, but with stylish performances, especially from Heynis, this neatly supplements the Bach on 2PS8 above ."

Brian Wilson at MUSICWEB INTERNATIONAL where you can read the full review

2ps8 aafje heynis sings bach


"These are pre-authentic performances, recorded in stereo 1957-1960, but they were highly regarded in their day and remain well worth hearing in these very good transfers. At the time, the comparison was with Kathleen Ferrier, but I prefer Heynis to Ferrier. My own comparison is with Dame Janet Baker with the ASMF and Neville Marriner in Cantata 170. Baker is the contralto for me, but Heynis is not far short – a touch more plummy and the diction less distinct, but not much in it. Szymon Goldberg, a conductor whom I have always thought under-rated, takes the music at a pace slightly faster than Marriner and not much slower than Robert King. Gillesberger is a slightly less stylish accompanist in the arias but that’s a small price to pay for the two very fine cantata recordings.

Brian Wilson at MUSICWEB INTERNATIONAL where you can read the full review

1PS25 Tangerine Andre Previn


" A new reissue on BEULAH 1PS25 [72:19] comes from a slightly earlier period: a 1956 recording entitled Tangerine, containing the title piece, Cover the Waterfront, Squatty Roo, Collard Greens and black-eyed Peas, The Girl Friend, Stars fell on Alabama, and eight pieces from My Fair Lady in lively performances. Previn is joined by Shelly Manne (drums) and Leroy Vinnegar (bass). The first half was originally entitled Shelly Manne and his Friends, but Previn is really the star, albeit with some fine support.

"The audience for this album is self-selecting and, I predict, large. They will not be disappointed with this enjoyable and well-transferred release. Only those with a hard-line definition of jazz will demur. There’s more where this came from on Vogue and Philips LPs; may we have more, please?"

Brian Wilson at MUSICWEB INTERNATIONAL where you can read the full review


1PS24 Me and my gin Bessie Smith


"Hardline jazz aficionados will be much more taken with a selection of recordings made by Bessie Smith entitled Me and my Gin and recorded between 1925 and 1928. Naxos Blues Legends cover this period in her career on three CDs, around three hours in total, but those looking for a shorter selection should be more than happy with the self-recommending Beulah release. Even the earlier recordings are well transferred, but 78 technology was advancing even during the three-year span of this album."

Brian Wilson at MUSICWEB INTERNATIONAL where you can read the full review

Beulah at 25

The early years
Here is a 30 minute journey through releases from the early years of Beulah. All these tracks can still be downloaded or streamed.